5 Ways Healthy Relationships Use Boundaries

boundaries marriage relationships Mar 10, 2021
Married Couple Hands

What would you do if a stranger tried to hold your hand? It is a big nope for me! The stranger would be crossing my boundary while I would be okay with my husband holding my hand. As we grow closer to someone, boundaries become less clear. You start to let things slide. I get it. We naturally want to please people we love. Relationships reach a danger zone when boundaries become too blurry.
Are your boundaries getting blurry? Try out these five ways healthy relationships use boundaries.



Time to be you.

Make sure that both of you make time to be yourselves. People in healthy relationships understand the importance of balancing I and us. Talk to each other about how you would like to balance your time with the time that you spend with each other. What is the perfect balance? That is for you two love birds to decide.



Great Teamwork.

A good partnership is when the partners support each other. The problem is that we all want to receive support in different ways. Talk about specific ways you want to receive support and ways you can support. Set the boundaries that will make you two the perfect duo.



Balancing Other Relationships.

We all have friends, family, and co-workers. Have a conversation about your boundaries with other relationships. It will prevent future misunderstandings and pain that comes with it. Please do keep in mind that boundaries are not about controlling the other person. It is about what you will do when someone crosses the line.



Healthy Financial Goals

Finances are a huge part of marriage. It is critical to set ground rules that you can both agree on. Start by explaining to each other how you think finances should work. It is a great idea to budget with each other and regularly review each other’s views.



Claiming Your Safe Space

You still need your emotional and physical space in a marriage or a relationship. If you feel uncomfortable or want more space, please set clear boundaries with your partner. You may be worried about hurting their feelings. They love you and will understand. We all need space, and it is normal to want it.


Clear boundaries are a sign that your relationship is healthy! Remember to revisit these boundaries occasionally.