Why should you Exfoliate?

aloe antiaging exfoliate makeup papayapeel scrub skincare Aug 22, 2022
Some people ask me....why should I exfoliate?
This 👉 this is why 👉 #5 - "Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your face, causing your skin to look rough, dry, and flaky."
That said - not all exfoliators are the same. In fact, some cause more damage than good.
Do  NOT use:
❌ Apricot Scrubs - Those great smelling apricot scrubs you've loved since middle school - damaging your skin every time you use them. The apricot seed is sharp, so sharp that it makes tiny lacerations all over your face, spreading bacteria and scarring your skin.
❌ Cleansers with BEADS - those beads may seem softer and more gentle than the apricot seeds and, they are. But they are so small, that they get stuck in your pores. They are actually smaller than your pore opening and they get stuck in there, causing inflammation, swelling, acne, and lumps. I'm not kidding! I've had customers asking me where these little blue beads are coming from since they can't see any in our cleansers. Well, sorry to tell you....but the LBRI cleanser is cleaning out your pores and along with the dirt, oil, and skin cells....are those nasty little petroleum based beads. Gross!
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