3 Self Care Ideas for Moms That Won’t Cost a Dime

motherhood parenting self-care Mar 11, 2021

You are stressed because you are behind on an important work project. When you come home, there is a pile of dishes to wash, and the kids are fighting. Then the last straw, they knock over your vase of flowers. You are about to lose your mind. You yell at your kids and feel bad for getting upset.

Nothing is going right, and it is starting to feel like it is your fault. What you need is self-care. You don’t need to grab any facials or tea. All you need is yourself and these three self-care ideas.


Cry, and be okay with it.

You should let yourself cry if you need to. It is scientifically proven to relieve stress and helps you sleep. Crying’s ability to lower your stress level is not the only reason I am suggesting that you let your tears out. Moms often feel like they must be strong and hide sadness. I understand that you don’t want to make your children worry, and you don’t have to cry in front of them. But you deserve the freedom to express your emotions without feeling shame.

Trust me. It will do you wonders. If it makes you feel better, I occasionally cry too!


See bad days for what they are.

Things seem to go wrong one after another on bad days. It gets easy to blame ourselves or those around us for the awful day. Life comes with sucky days and great days. We don’t need to waste our energy to find out why we had a bad day because there isn’t one. It isn’t your fault. We need to remind ourselves that a couple of times.


Listen to your thoughts.

Give yourself a chance and listen to your thoughts. Ask yourself why you are feeling the way you are. Then evaluate the facts of the situation. Based on the facts, think about what you can and want to do. The number of responsibilities doesn’t change the fact that you are the priority of your life. Listen to you so that you know what you need.


Now would be a great time to grab that facial and tea. I can guarantee you it will feel amazing after you completed the three self-care ideas.