Hi! I’m Jody!


I am a stay-at-home-mom entrepreneur. I have five amazing children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and two adorable grandbabies. I love being a mom, but many struggles and responsibilities come with it.

I am sure you can relate to the chaos, sleepless nights, anxiety-filled mornings, life-altering disasters, financial sacrifice, the ups and downs of marriage, and the pressures of being a good mom.

People saw my life as the perfect life. My husband was my best friend, I had amazing kids, and I managed to create a 6 figure income. They were wrong. I felt overwhelmed, burnt out, and depressed almost every day.

THEN, life coaching happened. It helped me take control of everything in my life and turn it into what I always wanted. I came to love myself and all of my loved ones more than before.

Now, I am on a mission to make sure every woman like you feels connected, supported, and loved.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a fitness program for your mind and emotions. The awesome thing about strengthening your mind is that it can help you achieve ANY physical, relationship, financial, or emotional goals. With life coaching, you learn how to:

  • Use your brain’s cognition to relieve anxiety, stress, worry, and boredom.
  •  Process emotion and boost your energy.
  • Learn relationship tools that promote long-lasting relationships.
  • Motivate yourself to get more done in less time.

One important thing to keep in mind is that life coaching is not therapy. If you break your leg, you will look for a doctor and then a physical therapist. After you feel okay, you head to the gym to become stronger and healthier. I am here for continual support after you have healed and want to transform goodness into greatness.

Regardless of what stage you are in, I will always be here cheering you on.

Jane, MU

Jody is so great at understanding me and had helped me with weight loss and emotionally controlling my cravings. I have seen great results from her sessions and being able to use her tips to help with my skin rashes.

Hannah, WI

I’ve spent most of my life spinning in circles, watching the world pass me by. I didn’t know how to interact with the world around me and I felt like I couldn’t just stop and be in the moment. Jody helped me organize my life in a way that fit me. She adjusted her program to my needs. She showed me how my own brain was sabotaging my life by what it was telling me. And I learned I can be the creator of my story by what thoughts I choose to believe.

Charlotte, WI

I’ve never been able to lose these last 10 pounds. It’s been so frustrating. I had honestly given up hope that I could lose the weight until I started working with you. I am honestly shocked at how easy it was to lose weight and feel good. I love what you’ve taught me about how my brain works. That is the secret to maintaining my weight loss. I’m down 10 lbs and I have more energy and can handle my day-to-day stress better than ever before. Thank you so much, Jody

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